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Merchart Managment System Payment

Global Payment With Local Footprint

  • Global Coverage

    Cover SEA countries with local
    office in each countries.

  • Localized Payment

    Access to all mainstream payment
    methods in target countries including
    banks, card organizations, payment
    gateways, carrier billing, prepaid cards etc.

  • Competitive Rates

    Provide competitive channel rates
    and no setup charge.

  • Easy Access

    Provide convenient plug-in interface,
    support web pages, app and other pa
    -yment scenarios, developer friendly.

SMS Notification

  • Global Coverage

    Support SMS verification
    service in 232 countries
    and regions.

  • Two-way Channel

    Provide up stream and down stream dual channel,
    Support SMS menu interactive platform.

  • High Success Rate

    Access to the most stable
    channel, success rate over
    99%, support delivery

  • Voice Assistance

    Support voice broadcast code verification
    services, provid visual aids services.

Value-Added Services

  • SaaS Cloud Service

    Micro-marketing · PSI · CRM.

  • AI, Big Data

    Provide consumer behavior analysis based on payment data

  • Consumer Finance And Supply Chain
    Financial Services

    Provide consumer finance /Provide supply chain finance to
    business clients as value-added services.

UNPay's unique analytical model empowering business growth

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