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UNPay Industry Solutions

Online Merchants

  • Education/Travel

    One-stop payment interface for
    the Flights, Hotels, Vacation Pac
    -kages and Trains.

  • E-Commerce

    E-commerce platforms such as

  • Digital Entertainment

    Mobile games, web games, Live
    video etc.

  • Living Payment

    Online payment for electricity and
    water bills etc.

Offline Merchants

  • Smart City

    Cooperative on Zhejiang, Beijing
    and other intelligent city projects

  • Supermarket Chains

    National chain FMCG enterprise

  • Digital Electronic

    SCM system for digital product

  • Life Service

    Education, training, public transp
    -ort such as Hengda, Haier

Merchant Access Process

  • Free Registration In One Minute
  •  High-pressure Sandbox Test
    7×24 Hours Technical Support
  • Start Global Payment Journey

Access one-stop global payment immediately, please contact: biz@unpay.com